Pavel Durov announced the beginning of “Digital resistance” and the program bitcoin grants

Pavel Durov announced the beginning of “Digital resistance” and the program bitcoin grants

The Creator of Telegram announced on his channel on Tuesday that he created a special program bitcoin grants to support administrators who are using proxies and VPN allow other users to use this messenger.

After the ban Telegram in Russia – these are the main ways to access the application. The ban came into force last week, and, as reported this week by local media, the government is doing everything possible, including blocking millions of IP addresses in an attempt to prevent people to use Telegram.

Durov said that the loss of Russian users, who make up only 7% of the total user base of Telegram will have on the company major influence, but he stressed that:

For me personally it is important to make sure that we do everything possible for our Russian users.

I created a special program of grants for bitcoin people and companies that support socks5 proxies and VPN and thus give the opportunity for others to access Telegram. I’m happy to sacrifice millions of dollars on it this year, and hope that others will join me. I call it digital resistance is a decentralized movement that fights for digital freedom and progress around the world.

The actor took this decision after the ISPs began to block access to Telegram on Monday. Despite the fact that the ban has been in place for more than 24 hours, in a Telegram claiming that he didn’t notice a significant reduction in user activity, partly because of the existing VPN and proxy services, as well as due to the use of third-party cloud services that allow users to connect to the platform.

According to Durov, the prohibition Telegram may be cancelled if the company provides encryption keys to the FSB. However, he added that “we promised our users with 100% confidentiality and would rather cease to exist than to break that promise.”

We will remind that earlier Telegram has collected a record amount of funds during the two rounds of the ICO.

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