Parity insists on the fork to return to the frozen millions

Parity insists on the fork to return to the frozen millions

The company Parity Technologies has published an update, which talks about the possible ways the return of funds frozen as a result of the vulnerability in this wallet.

Yesterday in his blog, the British company has published the results of their research to this problem. Just was offered four solutions to the problem, each of which implies the need for updates for each participant ethereum. At the moment money in ethereum equivalent to 160 millions of dollars remain unavailable to their owners.

Given the huge amount of Parity forward to active community participation in the procedure for refund.

Acknowledging that the decision ultimately depends on the community, Parity believe that the best way to solve the problem are changes in the ethereum virtual machine (EVM). According to the blog post, it would be “functional enhancement of the platform” which will allow you to recover lost funds and protect against similar incidents in the future

No one should have illusion that this procedure is something other than unlocking the jammed media, and that this is only possible with hard forks.

The company also understands that it cannot act unilaterally to refund. The developer has yet to formalize this idea as a suggestion for improvement to the ethereum (EIP).

Change in Protocol EVM are disputed decision

The idea was criticized by the developer of ethereum Nick Johnston, who said that “change is an important invariant” in the EVM that will potentially lead to “unexpected errors even in already deployed contracts.”

In the post we are talking about two ways to solve the problem, including the amendment to the existing proposal for improvement, EIP 156 and “Special address” a special address to save money.

During the time elapsed since the freezing of these funds, again become actual disputes which were conducted last year after cracking the DAO, resulting in a new cryptocurrency called ethereum classic (now its market capitalization is about $ 1.7 billion).

But Parity optimistic view of the situation and hope for community support:

We hope that the community will support us and we will be able to return all the frozen funds of their users.

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