Paris bitcoin puzzle for $1000 unraveled

Paris bitcoin puzzle for $1000 unraveled

Kryptonitetm took less than a week to solve a bitcoin puzzle 0.26 BTC ($1000) hidden away in the Paris street art artist Pascal Bayart. The exact solution to the puzzle is not yet solved.

January 7, French street artist Pascal Bogart announced to the public that has created a”revolutionary” mural in honor of the movement of the Yellow jackets and the celebration of a decade of Bitcoin.

In his fresco wizard has hidden a private key to a bitcoin wallet containing 0,26 BTC or $1 000 as a reward for the solution of the puzzle. Within a few days, after a series of donations, the reward has grown to 0,289 BTC.

Six days later the puzzle was solved. Pascal Bogart with a screenshot of the transaction, wrote in his Twitter:

“Someone just figured out bitcoin! Congratulate him or her. Please contact me and tell the community how You found the solution.”

Later user by the name of Antoine Giver of Etherium tweeted:

“@marabrito31 and I just found the key to mosaic Pascal Boyata in Paris. We are very pleased to be the winners in this contest and thank everyone who participated in this promotion”.

According to lucky, the solution of the puzzle will be provided later:

“In the coming days we will disclose the details of the clue. Bring the world news about Bitcoin!”

Anthony notes that the painting Bearcom, very accurately portrayed “the struggle of the French citizens who have joined together to defeat the lies of the banks.”

The painting itself has revolutionary overtones — it depicts a woman waving the French flag and support the men in yellow vests.

Recall, French artist Pascal Bogart famous street art works, in which he deals QR codes from your bitcoin wallet. According to the artist, Paris has all chances to become the center of a new art movement that combines the fields of art and cryptocurrency. Bogart firmly believe that cryptocurrency and art are closely intertwined, because Bitcoin is often a subject of creativity of artists and also a tool which you can use to profit from their creations.

Note, Marguerite de Courcelles invented a new genre of crypto-art-puzzles that gradually become mainstream. According to the laws of a new genre, in the compositions of the puzzles that hold the key, finds that, the attentive connoisseur of art can receive a reward scriptactive.

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