Owners of Asus graphics cards can mine cryptocurrency while the computer is not being used

Owners of Asus graphics cards can mine cryptocurrency while the computer is not being used

Tech giant Asus will allow gamers to use the excess computing power of graphics cards for mining cryptocurrency.

Such a statement, the Taiwanese company made the day before after signing the partnership agreement with the application provider for mining Quantumcloud. Under the terms of cooperation Asus and Quantumcloud, gamers will now be able to receive “passive income”, giving access to their GPU from Asus in the periods when the cards are not used for the needs of the user.

According to a statement on the official website Quantumcloud, with this app idle in the network gaming card will fuel cloud cryptobinary. Due to this, the owners of graphics cards will receive a profit share of produced tokens. Asus also assured users that the privacy of their financial data will be protected in accordance with the General regulation on data protection GDPR.

The company explained that users will receive equitable remuneration in the app Quantumcloud in accordance with the amount of computing power, which the cardholder provides to the network.

According to CCN, Asus produces countless high-end graphic cards, the company has a huge user base. This should be enough for a pretty substantial passive income with software from Quantumcloud. To do this, users will not need to create a separate wallets or accounts. Be able to login via WeChat payment details or PayPal and get paid on them. The company warns that payments cannot be guaranteed.

Payout rates can vary depending on the performance of the cryptocurrency market. The company Quantumcloud cannot guarantee payments or otherwise affect the state of the market.

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