Opponent and proponent of bitcoin quarrel live American TV-channel CNBC

Opponent and proponent of bitcoin quarrel live American TV-channel CNBC

Last week, discussions in the media about whether the indicators bitcoin’s success or failure has reached the extreme point during the live broadcast on the business channel CNBC, when between an opponent and a supporter of bitcoin there was a verbal sparring.

In an episode of popular show Fast Money, it regular columnist and editor of financial portal RiskReversal.com Dan Nathan advised the specialist on technical analysis of Evercore ISI rich Ross to fuck off after he criticized bitcoin.

Ross argued that bitcoin is a bad investment choice because of the fall almost 50% this week. On the other hand, traditional investments in stocks, in his opinion have demonstrated the best performance. As an example, Ross cited Boeing shares, which brought 200% of the profits from 2016.

As noted by Zerohedge, reproducing the edited version of what happened altercation, Ross ignored the annual profit Bitcoin more than 1000% in 2017. Nathan called his analytical approach superficial. What Ross said:

You are wrong, so do not say that my analysis is superficial.

At this moment Nathan vyderzhal and said the opponent:

You know nothing about what I’ve done and my goals, so, seriously, go fuck off!

In this episode, Fast Money as in many others since December appeared very strange approach revision of the program to covering bitcoin news. In particular, the transfer regularly criticized bitcoin and the Bitcoin Cash altcon, on the contrary praise and recommend.

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