Opera will protect smartphone users from the crypto currency miners

Opera will protect smartphone users from the crypto currency miners

Malware for covert mining of cryptocurrencies that run on web sites, now become a real threat for smartphones. The developers of the Opera browser tried to resolve this problem and to protect users.

As reported in the company Opera, which has integrated the protection of miners in their desktop versions, now adds the same function in the browsers of smartphones. A new feature available in Opera Mini and Opera for Android. The decision will be embedded in standard ad-blocker browser.

Browser with the protection of miners is already available for download in the app store Google Play.

In a press release published on Monday, reported:

“A new feature designed to fight the crypto currency miners, is activated by default when you enable the ad blocker in Opera Mini (iOS and Android) or Opera for Android. Ad blocker can be enabled by going to the “Settings” tab. It will automatically detect and disable scripts for mining cryptocurrency prescribed in the code of the web page”.

According to estimates of the Opera, a performance of more than 1 billion devices worldwide reduced because miners of cryptocurrencies on the web sites that users do not even suspect. According to estimates, the company already there are over 3 million sites with the built-in miners of cryptocurrency.

Difficult for users to know whether the extraction as you do not receive any information or visual cues when a miner uses its system through the browser. Thus mining occurs without notifying the user.

Cryptocurrency miners are unable to load the processors on mobile devices by 100% and cause overheating, and sometimes the damage becomes irreparable. The main signal of the infestation of the miner device is a slow device.

According to the ZDNet article, the activity of one such a Trojan causes overheating of the phone, which leads to swelling of the battery and the cost of a new battery. So, malware was so effective that damage to the devices he needed only 48 hours. The excessive amount of ads can be one of the causes of overheating, but the main reason is that the phone’s CPU is overloaded miner.

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