Opera will get built-in protection against mining scripts

Opera will get built-in protection against mining scripts

The developers of Opera announced that the next version of their browser will get the built-in function “anti-Bitcoin mining”.

Called Nocoin, this function will block all scripts for mining of cryptocurrencies that can be abuse and use the processing power of your computer without your knowledge.

Team member Opera Software Cornelia Mielczarek commented on this:

The topic of cryptocurrency is very popular today, but do you know that they really can make your hot computer in the literal sense? Suddenly your CPU is loaded 100%, the fan goes crazy for some reason and your battery is discharging directly into the eyes. All of this may be an indication that someone is using your computer for mining cryptocurrency.

Sometimes mining can continue after you first visited the site. But we, as the only major browser with an integrated adblocker is an integrated solution that will not allow mining scripts to use the resources of your computer.

How to protect your computer in other browsers?

Those who use the Opera browser of course was lucky that his developers attended the creation of integrated protection from mining scripts. However, those who prefer to use other browsers may also be protected. First of all, do not neglect basic safety rules – latest version of antivirus, etc.

To protect from mining scripts in browsers Chrome and Firefox you can use the No Coin that is available for download at this link. Besides there are many other, so you can choose something to your taste.

In addition, if you use less known browser is Brave, then you do nothing to worry about, he has already protected its users from mining scripts. The appropriate update for it was released in September of this year.

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