Opera releases a version with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet

Opera releases a version with an integrated cryptocurrency wallet

The Opera web browser for Android releases the new version with built-in cryptocurrency wallet. At the moment the project is in private beta.

In January, Mozilla has already declared itself in the cryptocurrency world, releasing in January browser version protection cryptogamia.

Cryptocurrency wallet Opera will support Ethereum Web3 APIs and will be integrated into the “standard WebView”. The press release notes that the wallet will automatically add tokens and collectibles based on the blockchain (e.g. crypto kitties) in the wallet.

Product Manager Charles Hamel noted that the Opera “was the first major browser that opens Web 3.0” and thus make the future Internet more accessible:

We hope that this will help to speed up the adoption of cryptocurrencies from speculative and investment phases in the phase when they will be used for everyday payments.

Opera has launched its Android browser Opera Mini in 2015 with the intention to increase its user base to 250 million by 2017. According to data from the June 2018 Opera owns 3.5 percent of the browser market and 4,55% in the market of mobile browsers.

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