Ontology [ONT] has released a desktop wallet, OWallet v0.8.1

Ontology [ONT] has released a desktop wallet, OWallet v0.8.1

Ontology, in its official Twitter announced the release of its official desktop wallet OWallet v0.8.1. Wallet supports both Windows and Mac.

OWallet v0.8.1 consists of three separate wallets, each of which performs a specific function.

  • Individual purse
  • The total purse
  • Registered purse

Individual wallet in the app OWallet is a classic cryptocurrency wallet. The user interface of this purse contains all the necessary information about transactions in the core network Ontology.

Individual purse also functions create a new wallet, import and export of the wallet, sending and receiving funds.

The second type of wallet that is a common wallet that allows multiple customers or users to have access to funds, but for verification of the transaction requires multiple signatures.

In the user interface of this wallet you can view the balance ONG and ONT as well as cost in US dollars, the names of all participants, their addresses, complete information about transactions and perform sending and receiving of funds.

Finally, register the wallet allows you to switch between the main and test networks, select the language (Chinese or English), and provides a choice of places to store keys for MainNet and TestNet, choose language, Chinese or English, and choose the location in which they can save the keystore.

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