Only 44 percent of Russians heard about cryptocurrency

Only 44 percent of Russians heard about cryptocurrency

According to the survey conducted by the research holding ROMIR, almost half of Russians heard about cryptocurrencies, and 13% report that they are well versed in this matter.

ROMIR, a representative of Gallup International Association in Russia, interviewed about 1,500 Russian citizens with the aim to find out how well they know the topic of cryptocurrencies and how you plan to interact with them.

According to the data obtained 44% have heard about cryptocurrency, and 13% said that they have a good understanding of this issue. 56% said they don’t know what the term means.

31% of respondents said that they can “imagine this cryptocurrency, but do not have a clear understanding.”

However, of those who represent themselves –
exactly or approximately – what is digital money, 87% to buy them not
plan. To invest not only off 11%. That cryptocurrency they
there is, said only 2% of respondents. Given the proportions, we can say,
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Russia is in the process of formalizing a regulatory approach to various aspects of the cryptocurrency market, including taxation, mining operations with digital assets.

ROMIR President Andrey Milekhin noted that the survey results “clearly продемонстрировалb that some significant financial instrument of the cryptocurrency until they started”:

Moreover, Russian society, not previously
bigasstease times on different schemes, demonstrates in
this case, healthy skepticism.

The researchers also managed to establish a link between income level and knowledge in cryptocurrency area: people with lower incomes tend to know more about cryptocurrency.

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