Only 2% of American investors own bitcoins, but 26% “intrigued” with this asset

Only 2% of American investors own bitcoins, but 26% “intrigued” with this asset

The results of the survey Wells Fargo/Gallup published July 27, indicate that only two percent of American investors invested in bitcoin, but 26 percent of them expressed extreme interest in the asset.

An online survey was conducted from 7 to 14 may 2018 among the American investors with assets of more than US $ 10,000 in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. The results show that the vast majority of investors who have heard about bitcoin in the near future will be to invest in the cryptocurrency, and 72 percent said that “they are not interested in buying bitcoins”.

According to the survey, despite the fact that 96% of investors have heard about bitcoin, “only about three out of 10 investors (29%) said that they have some knowledge about digital currencies,” 67% said that they had heard about them but do not understand the subject well enough.

Despite the fact that initially bitcoin was supposed to be used as money, its high volatility made it “more popular as an investment with a good risk reward ratio”. The results of the survey show that 75% of respondents believe that investing in bitcoin is a “very risky” and 23% believe it is “somewhat risky”.

A study conducted in February showed that 8 percent, or about 26 million Americans who have already purchased the cryptocurrency.

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