One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges back in the game

One of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges back in the game

BTCC, which in the past was one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China, announced the resumption of its activities.

The company said Monday that the new exchanger already started its work. List available now includes the following cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, bitcoin, cash, litecoin, and ethereum.

BTCC stated that it has implemented a points system, whereby users will obtain reward points for registration, provision of personal data for identification and Commerce transactions. Points in the future can be exchanged for tokens BTCC, which will be traded on the exchange.

The exact date of occurrence of the tokens is unknown, however, it is expected that this will happen in the next couple of months.

Further, the BTCC said it plans to add more top cryptocurrencies, as well as many of the tokens based on the ERC-20.

Recall that the exchange suspended operations less than a year ago, after the Chinese government banned the activities of the cryptocurrency exchanges on the territory of the country. Soon after, the company moved to Hong Kong, but until recently the exchange’s operations could not resume.

Aaron Choi, Vice President of the company, for international development, said that within three months the exchange will not charge a Commission for trading operations.

He also commented on the issue of the tokens and their possible further use:

Currently, the model of payment tokens is quite popular. However, it also carries certain risks. We consider this model, but it seems safer to reward users with points that can later be exchanged for tokens.

Currently, the BTCC diversifitsirovat your business in three main areas: exchange, bitcoin mining and wallet Mobi.

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