One of the first ICO in history, the Golem goes in the main Ethereum network

One of the first ICO in history, the Golem goes in the main Ethereum network

After two years of continuous development was one of the first ICO project in history, which by 2016 has collected about 820 000 ETH in just 20 minutes, finally started working in the main Ethereum.

In conducting the ICO offered tokens GNT at a fixed value of 1000 GNT 1 ETH, which instantly passed to investors.

The development team commented on this important event:

“The path to the goal was difficult and thorny, much harder than expected, the team Golem. 14 major (and several[ smaller) software iteration version of the Golem Alpha (iteration in programming — organization of data processing in which the steps are repeated many times, without giving the calls themselves — approx.ed.) supporting multiple operating systems, including MacOS, Windows and Linux, combined with more than two years of research and development, made it possible to release a beta version called Brass for the Ethereum Mainnet”

It should be remembered that this is a beta version of the Protocol, which was launched just so at the initial stage there may be bugs. Team Golem says:

“For the further development and promotion of our products, we need to get out of the comfort zone and ensure that the developed items work well in a decentralized environment”

The experiment began by allowing participants to rent computing power of your PC or laptop to other users.

“Brass Golem Beta is focused on the primary area of application, the CGI rendering for renderingmode open source software Blender”

It is expected that in 2018 will be running other rendering engines, as well as the integration of external rendering (for example, machine learning and other use cases that require enormous computing power), ” — said the developers.

The idea is to create a supercomputer, combining the processing power PC users who want to sell it, with the aim of using the combined processing power to handle certain functions.

The first such feature is the rendering of computer graphic interface (CGI). Such tasks typically require significant computing resources. Team Golem declares that decentralized supercomputer will be able to provide these resources at a lower cost than alternative options.

“Brass Beta is a huge step forward but not the final destination. Our short-term plan will be adjusted upon completion of Concent and its launch into the main network. In addition, we have an ambitious long-term plan, which includes new applications, support our own software, support for GPU computing and the further development of the Golem as a platform for developers,” — said the CEO and founder of Golem Julian Zawistowski.

Finally Golem is suitable to use, and because of this you can even earn some money, the main thing to be the owner of a good computer. The experiment has just begun, and it now remains to observe how to operate the first decentralized global market available computing power.

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