One of the first developers of the Bitcoin Jeff garzik’s launches a new altcon

One of the first developers of the Bitcoin Jeff garzik’s launches a new altcon

Jeff garzik’s, one of the earliest developers of Bitcoin, has officially launched its own althin, called the Metronome, which, according to supporters, will be the first cryptocurrency focused on “institutional class.”

Metronome was first announced Bloq, garzik’s development of the blockchain, in October 2017, when the cryptocurrency market was in the early stages of a parabolic rally in the fourth quarter.

At that time, the announcement caused a controversial judgments, especially because the garzik’s was the main developer SegWit2x, update, scaling of Bitcoin, which caused a split within the community and ultimately was never activated.

The essence of the Metronome is that using a system of smart contracts, tokens MET can be exported and imported to various blackany without changing the total number of MET. Bloq boastful guarantees that Metronome there will be a “generations”, even if some basic blackany sink into oblivion.

“Institutional investors should be very pleased to see something like this,” said last year co-founder Matthew Roszak. “We have created the millennial cryptocurrency”.

For its part, garzik’s, who first contributed to the codebase of Bitcoin, stated that the Metronome is a cryptocurrency, which he would create the first cryptocurrency whether the list is empty.

“Today Bitcoin is facing existential threats due to forks, disputes among developers, and so on. Constantly asking ourselves the question — what is the cryptocurrency we would do first in history, we have created a Metronome”.

Unlike most ICO, Metronome spreads on a descending price auction, this means that the price will decline. The developers claim that this approach will reduce the FOMO effect.

Of course, investments have been too modest in the early days of development, several investors have claimed in social networks that they misunderstood the terms of sale and thought that the price will rise, not decrease.

At the time of publication of the material was sold only 87 of 8 million of METH, and the price was kept a little above 1.85 for the ETH token. However, the rate of contributions is likely to accelerate as price decline over the next few days.

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