One of the developers of Ethereum has left the project, citing legal problems

One of the developers of Ethereum has left the project, citing legal problems

Ethereum developer Yoshie Hirai worked on Ethereum as one of the editors of the code. He was one of six developers of Ethereum, which had enough rights to make changes to the code of the project.

According to GitHub, Hirai was very productive in this role for the last year he made a 5219 changes. This far exceeds the contribution of the other five participants with similar rights.

Yoshie Hirai decided to leave the project due to changes under the code name EIP 867. The proposal defines a method by which a return of lost funds. According to Hirai, this change may violate the Japanese criminal law.

Some editors EIP irresponsible about the legal implications of the change. I warned them, and, unfortunately, I have no ability to do anything more than warn them … This is also the reason I decided to leave the post of editor of the EIP.

Hirai believes that this EIP may violate Japanese law under the name of “Unauthorized creation of electromagnetic records”.

This act provides for cases of computer fraud, particularly the illegal creation data “with the intention to access to manage the Affairs of another person”.

Last week, Hirai has blocked the proposal because of its failure to comply with “the philosophy of ethereum”. This is one of the main requirements for adoption of proposals for improvement. Since then, the developer retracted his statements:

I was able to ignore his understanding of the philosophy of ethereum, but I can’t ignore the criminal code.

The author of this proposal was developed by Dan Filter of Musiconomi, ICO project, which because of the incident last year with a purse Parity potral 16.475 ETH.

The proposal of Filter caused disagreements among developers, and some called for a public discussion of this change.

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