On wall street, and change their principles and start trading cryptocurrencies

On wall street, and change their principles and start trading cryptocurrencies

Trading company of wall Street Jane Street will not be called a small player in the market. In 2017, its volume of trades amounted to more than $ 5 trillion.

It became known that the giant company start to trade bitcoin:

“Jane Street trades more than 56 000 products worldwide in a variety of asset classes including Bitcoin”

Every day, the company enters into transactions for $13 billion, using instruments such as ETFs, stocks, futures, options, bonds, currencies as well as bitcoins.

The company was founded in 2000, in the state of Jane Street 600 employees.

“Jane Street has always considered different approaches to trading opportunities and will continue to do so.” — from the statement of the representatives of the company.

Jane Street is not the only player on wall Street who shows interest in cryptocurrencies.

DV Trading company, Virtu Financial, Hehmeyer Trading + Trading Investments and Jump aside criticisms about Bitcoin and configured to cryptocurrency very seriously.

After the launch of futures on Bitcoin, all of these companies started with instruments tied to exchange rates of cryptocurrencies. Traders are attracted by the rising value of Bitcoin and the high volatility of cryptocurrency due to low volatility of traditional assets.

Companies recognize that the ability to arbitrage on the market of cryptocurrencies “very appetizing” — Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on different exchanges are trading with a difference on the exchange rate that gives traders the ability to buy cheaper on one platform, and then sell expensive to another.

Often, for such a use trade High-frequency trading (high frequency trading), algorithmic trading, where positions are bought and sold using computers in less than a second.

Toby Allen of company Akuna Capital shared his impressions:

“Sometimes, the profitability of this deal could reach 10%. For a trader it is a fascinating space, especially against the background of traditional assets.”

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