On the advice of readers of Popular Portuguese newspaper invests millions in cryptocurrency

On the advice of readers of Popular Portuguese newspaper invests millions in cryptocurrency

Popular Portuguese technological publishing, Pplware, has recently started to invest in cryptocurrencies, asking for the investment of the Council that of his readers. The publisher took this just now in connection with the stability of the ecosystem.

Pplware, one of the most popular publications of Portugal, decided to invest in cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis starting this week. Weekly budget is 30 euros (35,9$. USA), the total budget for this purpose amounts to almost $ 36 million. The goal was to share the experience with your audience and help your readers to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies.

In the article accompanying the news, Pplware explained their goals:

“The main goal is to understand the technology on which there are cryptocurrencies, as well as in the stock market intricacies. Still digital money represent an unknown reality.”

The team edition bought 0,0037 BTC on Coinbase at a price of 7 euros 710,53 for bitcoin. Then these funds were sent to Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, where on the advice of readers was exchanged for ICON and Cardano:

“Based on our research and feedback from readers, we felt it best to invest in Cardano (ADA) and ICON (ICX). They are decentralized cryptocurrency third-generation Blockchain 3.0, and in the future their cost will grow.”

In the result, the revision of the 44 token ADA and 3,84 ICX. As the experiment has just started, the funds are not derived from the stock exchange in order to avoid additional costs.

As for regulation, at this stage, the Portuguese Parliament just going to start a discussion of cryptocurrency transactions with a view to the adoption of a new legal framework for this sector, which can guarantee the safety of the users.

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