On 24 March, the Russian miners will stop mining cryptocurrency

On 24 March, the Russian miners will stop mining cryptocurrency

Experts in the field of mining, cryptocurrency and blockchain for the first time in history decided to stop the mining of cryptocurrency and join the world’s largest environmental event “Earth Hour”.

Russian miners have organized your event and called him a “Crypto Hour.” During the rally, organizers encourage Russian and foreign miners 24 March at 20:30 Moscow time for 1 hour to disable their equipment.

The purpose of “Crypto-Hour” showcase of world governments to create maps of “ecological mining”.

Agreeing to participate in the shares, miner shows his social responsibility. Perhaps “Crypto Hour” will force participants to think about the world and to begin to develop a more eco-friendly blockchain technology.

Today the work of the Bitcoin network spends more than 50 terawatt-hours of electricity per year. And if you do not reduce these numbers, by 2020, the Bitcoin network will consume as much electricity as the entire population of Earth.

The organizers of the “Crypto-Hour” hope to attract the attention of the industry to search for environmentally friendly ways of mining and attract investment in such projects:

“We also call for the establishment of a system allowing the use of produced in the mining process heat and to develop less energy-intensive technologies of the distributed registry”, — said the initiator of the action Peter Dvoryankin, member of the expert Council of the state Duma on legislative maintenance of development of financial technologies.

“Earth hour” is an international symbolic action, in which the WWF calls off lights and electrical appliances for one hour as a sign of responsibility for the future of the planet.

Last year was the most ambitious in the history of the campaign — “Earth Hour” was attended by 184 countries, out lighting more than 3.1 thousand world.

According to preliminary estimates by the world wildlife Fund (WWF) “Earth Hour” 2018 will be attended by at least 30 million Russians. How many of them are miners who support the initiative “Crypto Hours” is still unknown.

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