OKEx will be the first cryptocurrency exchange that created the Bitcoin market Cash

OKEx will be the first cryptocurrency exchange that created the Bitcoin market Cash

Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx created the first Bitcoin Cash market, allowing users to trade tokens directly over the BCH, without the use of ETH in BTC as an intermediary.

Monday, the Hong Kong stock exchange announced that its users now have access to more than ten trading pairs with BCH.

This is important news because at the moment OKEx ranked sixth in total trading volume among the exchanges of the cryptocurrency, according to CoinMarketCap. For the last day OKEx processed trading volume of more than $ 1.3 billion, and it is likely that a new trading instrument will increase daily turnover of Bitcoin is Cash, which often exceeds $ 1 billion.

In addition to increasing liquidity, creating a market BCH will also secure the status of the Cash of Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency of the highest level, separating it from other altcoins that are created through the forks of bitcoin.

According to reports, the price of Bitcoin Cash grew up, however, it is difficult to determine the exact influence of BCH markets, since several other factors are also of significance. First, the Cash Bitcoin proponent Roger Ver yesterday made a resonant statement on CNBC, in which advertised Cash Bitcoin for many viewers who likely had never heard of him. Second of all, the cryptocurrency markets in General rose on Tuesday, lifting the price of Bitcoin Cash followed this trend.

However, the ad will have a bullish effect on the promotion of Bitcoin Cash, especially in the case of creating markets for BCH on other exchanges.

The creation of the first Bitcoin market Cash is just one of a number of developments, OKEx announced this week. The company also launched a trading platform for Fiat currency and tokens. Finally, the exchange announced its intention to support all “major road map of technical development on the basis of bitcoin”, including about seven hard-forks, scheduled for Dec.

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