Nvidia: the blockchain is here to stay, thanks to the cryptocurrency

Nvidia: the blockchain is here to stay, thanks to the cryptocurrency

CEO of NVidia, in a recent interview from the March 29, once again stated that “cryptocurrency is here to stay”.

Speaking on CNBC’s Mad in the transfer of Money, Jensen Huang said that the need of such medium of exchange as cryptocurrencies guarantees that in the long term, bitcoin and altcoins will survive.

The need for cheap and simple means of exchanging value – warrants the need for cryptocurrencies, so the blockchain technology is here to stay.

The past year has shown that Nvidia can significantly increase their profits at the expense of manerov of cryptocurrencies, as their popularity in this area comes more and more people.

However, in 2018, the company’s capitalization is unlikely to grow at the same pace as in 2017 when the price of the company’s shares up 100%.

The threat from China from the mining giant Bitmain has even led some analysts to change the rating company. Despite this, Juan look to the future optimistically.

The reason why cryptocurrencies have become so popular, it is our graphics card, which, in fact, represent the largest distributed computer in the world.

The blockchain technology needs of cryptography and technology of distributed registries, which ensures the permanence and safety, and wide spread around the world. Our products are perfectly cope as a supercomputer for this. And that is why they are used.

NVDA CEO: Cryptocurrency an ‘important driver’ for us from CNBC.

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