Nvidia has banned the use of its products in data centers, but only if you are miner

Nvidia has banned the use of its products in data centers, but only if you are miner

The manufacturer Nvidia has changed its license agreement to limit the use of its products by data centers – unless they are miners.

In the updated licensing agreement, the company stresses that drivers that allow computers to work with GeForce GPUs or the Titan may not be used in data centers, if they are not used for processing “blockchain problems.”

Do not use in data centers. [Software] is not licensed for use in data centers that are processing the data, except that permitted the processing of the blockchain problems.

The phrase “blockchain problem” is one of the variants of the term “mining” is energy intensive process by which new transactions are added to the blockchain. In recent months, the company’s products-manufacturer Nvidia – along with the AMD competitors – very popular with the miners.

Demand growth was considerable for graphics card manufacturers and Nvidia, in particular, has declared revenues in the amount of 2.23 billion after the second quarter in 2017. It’s 56% more than in the previous year, the company received profit in the amount of $ 280 million for the same period of time.

Without the permission of the manufacturer, the company needs to use more expensive products to enterprise-level Nvidia for data centers that are engaged in such as work with artificial intelligence. The gap in price is significant – while the price of GeForce is in the range of $ 700, a product of industrial level Tesla V100 is worth a little less than $ 10,000.

The representative of Nvidia said that the graphics processor and the GeForce Titan is designed for individuals and not for large companies.

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