nVIDIA asks retailers not to sell the video card miners

nVIDIA asks retailers not to sell the video card miners

To whom to sell the graphics card and who does not and what people think about this to nVIDIA?

The demand for video cards

Despite the recent drop in the cryptocurrency market, the activities of miners are still profitable. In 2017 the cryptocurrency market has grown with exceptional speed, and this caused the rapid growth of the mining industry. Currently, the ROI in this business is quite high and the return on investment is fast.

The growing popularity of mining has also caused higher prices for video cards and even their deficit. For example, the GeForce GTX 1080 nVIDIA usually sells for $ 499, but now, its price can reach up to $ 1,250. The high price and shortage has caused outrage among gamers, and many users demand that nVIDIA and AMD finally solved this problem.

Analysts believe that the price of the cards will continue to grow in the future, as the mining industry comes more and more new players. And gamers, in turn, believe that the high prices of video is bad for the gaming market.

Possible solution?

In a new article, HotHardWare reported that nVIDIA has appealed to major retailers asking to prioritize the sale of cards. In nVIDIAсчитают that preference should be given to the gamers. Some retail sellers, such as Amazon, are already applying a restrictive measure and release only one card in hand. However, experts believe that many retailers will ignore the request and will nVIDIA sell their video cards to everyone, regardless of whether they use them for mining or gaming.

The representative nVIDIAБорис, Bells explained this decision:

For nVIDIA gamers come first. All actions related to our GeForce product line, focused on our core audience. […] We encourage our trading partners to take appropriate measures to ensure that players who prefer the GeForce will have the opportunity to buy your favorite product as usual.

In June 2017, there are rumors that nVIDIA will develop a special graphics card for mining, but no further information about this project still has not appeared.

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