Now using cryptocurrency can be calculated even in the toilets

Now using cryptocurrency can be calculated even in the toilets

One of the most notable blockchain startups – TRON, and the Chinese company Moshroom signed a partnership agreement, through which the mobile toilets production Moshroom can pay using cryptocurrency.

Moshroom is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile toilets in China. The company even supported by the government. Toilets produced by the company are equipped with solar panels, outdoor advertising planes, smart lock and other devices.

Justin San, the founder of the TRON project, commented on the new partnership agreement:

Blockchain technology is not something extraordinary, inaccessible to ordinary people. But any technology needs to improve people’s lives, otherwise it is worthless. Mobile Internet is a Prime example of such technology. TRON aims to do the same with blockchain technology. Going to the toilet is a matter of health and dignity for each of us, however, in many countries it is treated without proper attention. TRON hopes to help MOSHROOM to improve the experience of visiting the toilet for ordinary people in developing countries. In this cooperation we pay special attention to cross-border payments.

Thanks to a partnership with TRON, the company hopes to simplify payments for users from different countries. A priority market for Moshroom are the developing countries of South East Asia.

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