Now Litecoin transactions can be made via Telegram

Now Litecoin transactions can be made via Telegram

Surgery Litecoin (LTC) is now available to all users of the messenger Telegram.

New feature Litecoin was developed blockchain startup Zulu Republic. Based in Zug, Switzerland, a company engaged in the development of decentralized applications (DApps) and “is the ecosystem of digital platforms, built on the blockchain Ethereum (ETH)”.

According to the message published on the blog Zulu, a new feature in Litecoin would allow users to use the services Litecoin with text queries using the LTC API Zulu. The company emphasizes that manages the private keys of users, they are encrypted using RSA and a personal password of the user. will allows users to send commands to check their current balance LTC and send LTC to a certain wallet or email address.

In the future the company intends to introduce the possibility of transactions LTC via text messages (SMS) to even those users who have not very good Internet connection could make the Litecoin transactions. The startup claims that 64 percent of the world’s population who own mobile phones, only 33% have a smartphone with Internet connection.

Zulu stressed the decentralized nature of this development, stating that it targets those countries where “Internet connection is limited and where the Internet is censored autocratic regimes,and large segments of the population marginalisierte conventional financial system”.

The statement also says that users will be able to send Litecoin “to those who don’t have a Litecoin wallet, or to someone whose wallet address is unknown, and even if the recipient has no idea how to use cryptocurrencies”.

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