Now Dash, you can send and receive using ordinary SMS

Now Dash, you can send and receive using ordinary SMS

As you know, cryptocurrencies are especially needed in countries where the economic situation is in a deplorable state, such as Venezuela, Nigeria, Ghana and many other African and South American countries. Where inflation exceeds all reasonable limits, people are generally mistrustful of Vietnam national currency and willing to use cryptocurrency. But in these countries the spread of cryptocurrency prevents another problem is the low degree of Internet penetration and the fact that the majority of the population are not smartphones, and regular cell phones.

Users now have Dash have the opportunity to pay in the currency using SMS. It is not surprising that the new project appeared in Venezuela. Dash Text allows you to send and receive Dash using only one SMS. After sending a special message for a user, the system generates the purse and all other operations are also performed by SMS/ By the way, for work Dash Text uses the API BlockCypher is a kind of standard in the cryptocurrency industry, which is used by many of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

At the moment Dash Text have a fully working MVP, and just a few days ago, the startup has received funding from the Dash Foundations. The funds will be used for further work, in particular the developers plan to finalize the website and to open “officially” next week.

To attract the greatest possible number of users, the company plans to reward users for recruiting new. The details of the promo will appear in the official profiles of the company.

Dash Text has ambitious plans for expansion in Africa and is already in talks with a Dash of Africa.

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