Not the moon but the stars: Celebrities who promote blockchain startups

Not the moon but the stars: Celebrities who promote blockchain startups

In the world of cryptocurrency, strange things happen: only here in one list you can be Steve Wozniak, Mike Tyson and Olga Buzova.

In the world of cryptocurrency famous actor or singer in the head of any technically complex ICO — routine. Most often it is an indication that the project is a Scam and will soon be closed. Oddly enough, most of these start-UPS almost don’t collect money, investors buy into a familiar face.


Steven Seagal. A famous actor was the face of the project Bitcoiin. The startup was accused of fraud and build financial pyramids, and the regulator of new Jersey ordered him to stop work because of the proliferation of unregistered securities.

It was in March 2018, then the representatives of the ICO and Segal said that leaving the company having to raise $75 million, so that he could develop more decentralized. The website Bitcoiin working, it is still possible to buy the same tokens.

Floyd Mayweather. A great boxer supports the Centra project, which promises to release a debit card with the integration of Visa and Mastercard, however, the SEC investigation revealed that the startup has nothing to do with these payment systems.

In March the organizers of the ICO — Araba Sharma and Robert Farkas — was arrested on suspicion of embezzling $32 million. They were detained at the airport when they were trying to escape from the US with investors ‘ money.

Ksenia Sobchak. On instagram, the ex-candidate in presidents of the Russian Federation published a promotional post, which talked about the Uservice project. According to her, the former pilot “Formulas-1” Vitaly Petrov and hockey player Evgeni Malkin. Sobchak stressed that buying tokens now, the user of five months will be able to sell five times more expensive.

The post is written like a training manual “red flags” from the American SEC — the minimum information about the product, with a maximum of about famous people and the unprecedented, guaranteed profit. However, the startup is actively profile on Medium, the last post was published on 22 August.

Imogen Heap. In their speeches, the singer talks about the Mycelia project, which helps the musicians to keep their copyrights. App Creative Passport is now in the development stage, Hip notes that the blockchain is not the only way to combat piracy.

John McAfee. One tweet the Creator of the famous McAfee antivirus will cost ICO-start-UPS of $105 thousand. McAfee says that advertises only those projects in which he believes himself, but he has been repeatedly caught promoting questionable or even fraudulent projects.


Aykon. The singer is planning to create his own city in Africa for the calculations which will be used by the local cryptocurrency Akoin. The musician is going to release the app with this token.

Mike Tyson. In 2016, the boxer together with startup Bitcoin Direct has announced the launch of Mike Tyson Digital Wallet. Since then about this project, the network information is only in the media, but the actual product could not be found. Tyson also planned to promote bitcoin terminals under its name, but it was only in the planning level.

Olga Buzova. The singer and presenter is actively advertised and promoted their project Buzcoin, he was able to attract about 1% of the stated amount of $210 million. It was supposed to be a marketplace and social network where users could look for work, sell goods and buy tickets for concerts.

Basta. The rapper plans to launch Ticket Coin for students of creative Association “Gasometer”. The token allows access to special areas at events, chat with the artists or to purchase concert tickets at 50% discount.

Start selling coins was supposed to start in April, but the official site still contains information that the ICO will begin soon.

Manny Pacquiao. One of the most famous athletes in the world boxer Manny Pacquiao is planning to release a PAC Token. With it, fans will be able to buy subscriptions to various online services to get fan paraphernalia. At the moment of the project no details.

Ronaldinho. Player released Ronaldinho Soccer Coin, in which he helped the company World Soccer Coin. The aim of the project is to open a football Academy, it should start in March 2019, and also a platform for sports betting.

James Rodriguez. Footballer Madrid “real”, which plays on loan for Bayern, has released a personal token JR10. An indoor round of sales was completed in 12 seconds.

Steve Wozniak. Co-founder of Apple, told about cooperation with the company Equi Capital associated with investments in digital money. Wozniak said that the first works with the blockchain, but they will not create a new cryptocurrency or the price which may be exaggerated, it is only interested in technological progress, which should contribute to the company.

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