Nokia tests new blockchain project in the health sector

Nokia tests new blockchain project in the health sector

Finnish Corporation Nokia announced the launch of a pilot blockchain project, which aims to create new ways of storing information in the health sector.

In a press release on the website of the company reported on a project in partnership with the financial group OP Financial Group.

The test involved 100 people who will be able to see the advantages of solutions on the blockchain. The data that the participants will want to share will be encrypted in the blockchain and is available only to certain users of the platform.

Nokia notes that the blockchain is an interesting company in the first place because of the security of information storage. Presented software allows you to monitor the collected data, while providing access thereto only to authorized parties.

Representatives of the company explained:

“Storage is important for health, but it is often not exploited due to problems of authenticity, accessibility and confidentiality. It is vital that health information has provided the greatest benefit to individuals, families and society.”

The program uses a portable device – a smart watch Nokia Steel that allows you to track the distance traveled and duration of sleep of the participants. All data is recorded in the blockchain, and then compares the goals set for the program participants. If they reach the goals they are awarded loyalty points for participating in the pilot project.

Head of OP Financial’s Kristian Luoma, I am confident that this pilot programme will become an example of how the blockchain can be used in healthcare in the future.

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