, Nobuaki Kobayashi denied involvement in the fall in the price of bitcoin

, Nobuaki Kobayashi denied involvement in the fall in the price of bitcoin

, Nobuaki Kobayashi, is responsible for the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox, once the largest cryptocurrency exchange, said that he did not believe that selling part of the entrusted funds in the amount of about $ 400 million in bitcoins (BTC) and Cash (BCH) became the reason of falling of the prices for bitcoin.

The Ambassador of publication of the next report meeting of creditors of Mt. Gox, it was reported that the mass sale of funds in BTC/BCH took place between the meeting of creditors in September 2017 and 7 March. Because of this many information related activities, Nobuaki Kobayashi with the collapse in the price of the cryptocurrency the number one. And we also published a special feature on this topic – Bitcoin again pulling the strings: the Tactics of the major cryptocurrency whale of Tokyo.

However, after the publication of today’s report, it became known that the funds of Mt. Gox was sold in the period from December 2017 to January 2018.

Kobayashi said that after consultations with experts, he “sold the BTC and BCC [BCH] not through the usual cryptocurrency exchange, but thus to avoid the influence of this transaction on the market price, while respecting all security measures as possible.”

Kobayashi commented on the transfers of BTC and BCH on the various addresses made during this period, stating that the fact of transfer is not evidence of the transaction:

Please do not look for a relationship between our selling BTC and BCC [BCH] and the behavior of prices. And so we should not associate this sale with a price drop on the market because it is an incorrect assumption.

Analysis correlation bitcoin and dates of sales of assets made by the English-language edition Cointelegraph, suggests that in the short term, the observed inverse correlation.

Kobayashi said that funds sold at a fair market price, and the time was chosen after consultation with the court. In addition, BTC and BCH were sold separately. As for the timing of the sale of the remaining funds, they have yet to be set .

Such statements, Nobuaki Kobayashi received protivorechivye reviews cryptosuite. Some of the commentators believe that even if a deal is not in exchange, it does not mean that it does not affect the price. Others tend to believe Kobayashi and believe in manipulating price, which led to its collapse, blame someone else.

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