Next month perhaps a sharp reduction in the cost of graphics cards

Next month perhaps a sharp reduction in the cost of graphics cards

According to rumors, next month the cost of the cards may fall by about 20 percent. The reason for the fall, according to Chinese insiders, a decline in interest in mining and cryptocurrencies.

In rare cases, we recommend to wait with updating your PC if you require performance improvement. Constantly appears something newer, more powerful and most importantly, more fast. The wait is just in case if there is planned a sharp decline in prices.

Information about fall in the price of video cards is not exactly confirmed. However, Digitimes said that she had heard from sources in the supply chain that manufacturers plan to lower prices of video to sell existing stocks.

Theoretically, this makes sense for several reasons. First, we know that Nvidia is preparing a new generation of graphics processors, the details of which will be discussed at the Hot Chips conference in August. It’s possible that Nvidia will announce or even launch a line of Radeon next generation prior to this event.

Another reason is that interest in crypto mining is cold. And although all the time the bear market, only grew Hasrat of Bitcoin, miners with low turnover have a difficult life. Profit from cryptocurrency mining on graphics cards is falling, thereby increasing the GPU offer. In addition, saturated secondary market of graphics cards, as many disillusioned with mining users disassemble their farm and sell the iron with a big discount.

In any case, after a few weeks it will be clear to confirm whether the rumors about the 20% discount or not.

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