Nexon Korea denies rumors of buying the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp

Nexon Korea denies rumors of buying the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp

The video game company Nexon Korea denies that it is negotiating the acquisition of the bitcoin exchange Bitstamp, according to local news media The Korean Herald.

The statement was made after yesterday Business Insider published an article about a possible deal. According to the rumors Nexon Korea were going to buy Bitstamp for $ 350 million. At the end of March another edition, Cointelegraph wrote about the future sale of Bitstamp, an unnamed South Korean investors approximately $ 400 million.

CEO of Nexon Korea, Lee Joon-Ho spoke at a press conference in the headquarters of the company on 25 April and declared that “Nexon Korea has nothing to do with the acquisition of Bitstamp,” adding:

“We are not planning to associate cryptocurrency with our game business.”

Lee Joon-Hu first addressed to the public at a press conference since his appointment as CEO in January 2018, added that Nexon sees potential in Blockchain that can be used in game development.

Nexon is a global video game company based in Seoul, South Korea, the headquarters of which is located in Tokyo, Japan. The company is owned by NXC Corporation, which last year acquired 65,19% stake in Korean exchange Korbit cryptocurrency.

Bitstamp is based in Luxembourg and currently occupies the 10th place in the CoinMarketCap list, the daily trading volume of the exchange is approximately 448 million dollars.

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