New York-based company will take paying their rent in bitcoins

New York-based company will take paying their rent in bitcoins

Given the recent growth in popularity of cryptocurrency lease the company has taken the decision on introduction of bitcoin payments on the online platform.

To live on bitcoins

On YouTube you can find the video journey of one man who tried to live a week, paying by bitcoins only. The growth of the world wide popularity of cryptocurrencies, a lot of users are trying to find new ways to use bitcoin.

Currently, crypto-currencies are mostly used for trading and investment. However, experts believe that an increase in the number of users of cryptocurrencies, more and more companies will start accepting the digital currency as forms of payment. The cryptocurrency is already possible to shop Amazon through the online platform Purse. And for digital currency to purchase household appliances.

Payment of rent bitcoin

Recently the news reported on the sale of real estate for bitcoins. And what about the rent? New York-based company Managego (offering online rental platform) recently announced the planned adoption of bitcoin payments. The article on CNBC Vice-President, business strategy ManageGo Haim Lowenstein said:

“We follow the innovation, therefore, saw that bitcoin has the potential to become a stable currency in the future.”

He also added:

“Now some of types of our clients and their tenants are suitable for the introduction of such services. We want to offer it as a new convenience, more than a cool gym or a new sofa in the house.”

The representative Managego also pointed out that currently very few tenants are interested in paying lease payments in the cryptocurrency. But in the near future is expected to increase demand for bitcoin, as more and more people begin to use digital currency. According to the report, Managego plans to integrate bitcoin payments through Coinbase in the next year. It also shows that companies for property management is not yet fully ready to accept online payments and lack of technological innovation. By accepting payments in bitcoin, the industry of property management can greatly enhance its benefits by offering technological and financial innovation.

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