New year – new forks: World of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Candy

New year – new forks: World of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Candy

Fork at block 503 888

As a result, the fork will be new cryptocurrency Bitcoin World. The total amount of WBTC is 2.121 billion, of which $ 21 million WBTC will go to the Fund management WBTC for marketing purposes, the creation of a global ecosystem and further development. After the fork Bitcoin users will be able to WBTC in a ratio of 1 BTC = 100 WBTC.

The project team stated that the President of Xunlei Ltd. (NASDAQ: XNET), Sean Zou is one of their advisors but the company has published a formal denial and denies that Sean Zou is a member of team WBTC. In Xunlei added that investors should not trust rumors, and to verify all information independently.

Project code is available on Github, but the wallet is still there.

Candy for holders of Bitcoin Cash

Another major blockchain project called Bitcoin Candy (CDY) is a fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on the unit 512666. Holders BCH unable to CDY in the ratio of 1 BCH = 1000 CDY.

The aim of the project is to make bitcoin resistant to the threat of quantum computing. Although experts say that bitcoin is resistant to quantum computing, the team claims that:

As soon as companies like D-Wave, IBM, and Intel are increasing their investments in research and development in the field of quantum computing, a time when this technology will become a reality probably will come in five to ten years. Thus, the cryptocurrency based on the ECDSA vulnerable to quantum computers. Team CDY focus on working with postanowili signatures to neutralize this threat.

According to the website, the block size in network CDY will be up to 8 megabytes. And Protocol CDY will produce a new block on average every two minutes.

The volume CDY available for mining is 21 billion units, of which 210 million is reserved for developers motivation and promotion. Only users of the BCH will be able to CDY in the ratio of 1 BCH=1000 CDY. The authors of the project believe that BCH has a great potential.

Purse Bitpie announced that they will support all the forks. In addition to them, Coinex announced that they will pay to all holders of bitcoin cash in the corresponding amount in CDY during a fork (around January 13).

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