New tasks El Petro: Venezuela wants to buy Russian spare parts for “KAMAZ” for the cryptocurrency

New tasks El Petro: Venezuela wants to buy Russian spare parts for “KAMAZ” for the cryptocurrency

Journalists, and the cryptocurrency community as a whole, has repeatedly questioned the sales of the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela, who enthusiastically voiced by the President of the country.

According to expert estimates, this figure may not exceed 2.3 billion dollars, and Maduro stated about 5 billion Possible lie the President of Venezuela had no impact on trust-based relations with Russia — the coin can be used to purchase auto parts.

On the negotiations with the Russian side, said the Minister of foreign trade and foreign investment Venezuela’s Jose Vielma Mora. The official made his statement in the second day of the meeting of the bilateral intergovernmental Commission in Caracas April 4.

The South American Republic wants to buy Russian car parts: tires, batteries, and other required for the Assembly of KAMAZ parts. The plan is to use Petro to pay for the goods. In addition, the Minister spoke about the possible abolition of customs duties between Venezuela and Russia.

“I also spoke with the Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Russia Oleg Ryazantsev] that Venezuela could have zero customs duties [with Russia]”

All this is another attempt to somehow improve the situation in the country amid the economic crisis.

We are in talks about how to create for our entrepreneurs and investors dostupno legal framework for doing business that will increase the country’s wealth and create a legacy for all Venezuelans.

According to Venezuelan official said that Russia is interested in import of steel, aluminum, flowers, coffee, cocoa, textiles and shoes.

The results of the negotiations is still unknown. Recently, however, anticipated the emergence of exchange offices “El Petro — ruble” on the streets of Russian cities.

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