New optimistic forecast for Bitcoin ($98000) and sad for BCash

New optimistic forecast for Bitcoin ($98000) and sad for BCash

According to new research conducted by consulting firm Satis Group, the value of Bitcoin (BTC) could increase up to 98 000 US dollars in the next five years. The report, written by Sherwin Doulton and Michael Holappa, represents a fourth part of a series of five parts, covering cryptoprotection.

The report States that from the point of view of the growth of cryptocurrencies over the next five years the BTC will reach 98 000 dollars, Monero (XMR) — 18 000 dollars, and Decred (DCR) — 535$.

It is expected that BCash (BCH) will fall to $ 268 after “the community understands that the project only uses a big name, but represents the minimum technological advantages to its owners.” Regarding the centralized cryptocurrency, presumably, their value will be close to zero. For example, the predicted future value of the Ripple (XRP) is equal to US $ 0.01.

The Ethereum platform is not worth to hope for a bright future — according to the researchers, the project will lose half of market share by 2028:

“Despite the fact that we recognize the power of community in network ETH, there are small flaws in design and management, which, in our opinion, will lead to conflict, leading to future updates of the network in achieving consensus PoS.”

This study also analyzes the cryptocurrency required to support the future economy, and gives evaluation the state of the market for the next ten years.

According to the report, the total market capitalization of the aforementioned cryptocurrencies are necessary to support the economy would increase from approximately $ 500 billion (in 2019) to 3.6 trillion dollars by 2028.

According to the researchers, the fundamental value to support cryptocurrency economy is to use the digital assets as a means of accumulation and capital preservation, while the current analysts are betting on the securities market:

In the long-term ten-year term, according to a study Satis Group, BTC will eventually reach $143 thousand, ETH — $588, XMR will be possible to buy/ sell for $39 thousand, BCH — $180, LTC for $225, and XRP — $0,004 per unit.

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