New mining virus “Digimine” spreads via FB Messenger

New mining virus “Digimine” spreads via FB Messenger

Firm Trend Micro, which specializiruetsya on services in the area of security, said that the boat under the name of “Digimine”, distributed through Facebook Messenger for Google Chrome.

South Korea became the first country where there were traces of Digimine, later Botha also identified in Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, the Philippines, Thailand and Venezuela.

The bot is distributed in the form of a video file that hides the AutoIt executable script. Trend Micro notes that Digimine doesn’t work on other platforms, where available Facebook Messenger. Digimine designed to mine Monero on the computers of their victims.

If the victim razlagalsa from Facebook, this program could use a Messenger to automatically send messages to friends of the victim.

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