New marketing ploy from Justin Sana: Tron and Ethereum — brothers forever

New marketing ploy from Justin Sana: Tron and Ethereum — brothers forever

Founder and CEO of Tron (TRX) Justin (Justin Sun) stated that the ecosystem of Tron will be “formally cooperate” with Ethereum (ETH) this year. San gave such a comment during a podcast, Crypto Chick April 6.

San has hinted at the imminent partnership with his old enemy, saying that “this year we will see how Tron is officially cooperating with the Ethereum”. In response to the question about the recent ironic tweets Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin about Tron San said that “competition brings the best result.” San also added:

“I think in the future we’ll cooperate with many developers of Ethereum, as well as with projects created on the basis of Ethereum before, to make the industry better.”

Recall that on April 6 in response to the enumeration Justin San Twitter seven Tron advantages compared to Ethereum, Buterin hinted that Tron project documentation constitutes plagiarism. Indeed, in cryptosuite there is a view according to which Tron is just a fork of Ethereum.

Founder of Tron also told that the decision concerning the scalability of the next level, which, according to him, will increase transaction throughput Tron at least 100 times and will significantly reduce commissions, will be deployed in the second quarter of 2019. San recently wrote in his Twitter about the decision, called the Sun Network, but refrained from specifying the date of launch.

During the podcast, the San also noted that the version stablon Tether based on Tron (USDT) announced in early March, must be started on 9 April. San claims that based on Tron version stablein will implement cheaper and faster transactions than Bitcoin with the Protocol Omni USDT.

It also became known that in the second quarter of this year, Tron will present “new network privacy option”, based on the technology used by the zcash for Aldona (ZEC).

In March, two major crypto currency exchange — Singapore Global Huobi and based in Malta OKEx – announced support for version USDT on the basis of the Tron.

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