Network Tron (TRX) came the Genesis block. The network was officially launched

Network Tron (TRX) came the Genesis block. The network was officially launched

Founder of Tron Justin San said that the new network Tron appeared his first unit, and migrating the token is completed.

TRON completed migration token ERC20 on their own core network. Network TRON appeared the Genesis block and now the network is officially independent.

TRON refused Ethereum, with the intention of creating a more quick and cheap blockchain compared to Ethereum.

Now TRON is trying to entice developers of Ethereum to create decentralized applications on the new platform. The developers of Tron has also released a virtual machine that will simplify the networking of Tron.

Founder of Tron also responded to accusations of plagiarism. According to a new report from Digital Asset Research, the developers of Tron copied the code from the Java implementation of Ethereum ways, which can cause technical problems on the new blockchain.

In an interview with CoinDesk San said that TRON very seriously the security and stability of its platform, and as evidence referred to the program to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses in network TRON, the General Fund which is $ 10 million.

Yes, one of our programmers forgot one very small thing, but it was so long ago, and at that time it was a very minor issue. It’s like blaming me for my 27 years in the 4 years I once missed a shot. It doesn’t make sense.

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