Network Request (REQ) becomes the partner of Wikimedia France and produces a plugin for WooCommerce

Network Request (REQ) becomes the partner of Wikimedia France and produces a plugin for WooCommerce

Request Network, a decentralized network based on Ethereum announced that they have signed a partnership agreement with Wikimedia France. Now the organization can accept donations in the cryptocurrency. In addition, the representatives Request the Network also announced the release of a special plugin for WooCommerce that will allow anyone using that CMS to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

In the Request Network statement said they “share the philosophy of the Wikimedia France on decentralization of power”.

The use of decentralized financial instruments that are based on Network Request for donations is a huge step forward for Wikimedia France. Since such a system does not require any Central organization to process payments.

The partnership will allow Wikimedia France to decentralize its efforts to raise funds.

Also, now everyone who is donating money to this organization can be sure that it (the organization) will receive them in full. All of these tools can be used by the recipient immediately upon receipt.

Wikimedia France – an offshoot of the Wikimedia Foundation. It is a French non-profit Association of users of Wikimedia projects. The organization was established on October 24, 2004 in Paris with the aim of supporting Wikimedia projects and their participants.

Plugin for WooCommerce

Request the representatives of the Network also announced that they have released a special plugin for WooCommerce called WooCommerce Request for. The plugin is absolutely free: there is no lump sum, no monthly payments, in addition, the Commission is also absent.

Request for WooCommerce is a simple way to accept payments in the cryptocurrency for everyone who uses the WooCommerce platform. The plugin is absolutely free and easy to integrate.

At the moment, the plugin allows you to accept payments in the ETH, as well as the tokens ERC20. In the near future the developers promise to add support for bitcoin.

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