Network Lisk recognized and successfully repelled a hacker attack

Network Lisk recognized and successfully repelled a hacker attack

Lisk is a cryptocurrency that rarely hits the news headlines about the hacker attacks and fraudulent activities. Of course, there are reasons for this — Lisk built on the ultra secure network of elected delegates. These delegates are elected to verify transactions on the network Lisk and thus, hacking and malicious interference in the blockchain is practically impossible. However, it seems that June 2, 2018 in the unit Lisk was approved fake transaction.

What happened?

According to the edition Cryptovest:

“Invalid transaction has been accepted, although it gave rise to warnings about incorrect time stamps. The deal did not pass, but began production of blocks. At the moment the network Lisk works in the updated version that does not contain errors”.

Thus, although the transaction apparently was adopted, the network ultimately rejected it, and this means that as a result the hackers were unable to initiate the production of blocks. At least it proves the integrity of the security of the network Lis.

“Unfortunately for Lisk, the incident once again highlighted the problem of delegates, who found a way to vote for the position without the participation of a wide community. Some people think that network latency Lisk again caused by the latency of the response of delegates who need to update their sites.”

What now?

Last update Lisk removed a bug that made it possible to attempt a hacker attack, and therefore the assets Lisk needs to be safe. However, it is recommended to study the forums and Github to have access to the latest updates. Finally, let the incident serve as a reminder to us all that even the most seemingly secure networks are still vulnerable to attack.

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