Network EOS discovered a critical vulnerability

Network EOS discovered a critical vulnerability

Qihoo 360, a Chinese company specializing in Internet security, announced that it advised the project on EOS “series of epic vulnerabilities” detected on this platform.

Representatives of the company said that the vulnerabilities discovered on the EOS platform, give the attacker access to the nodes and give them the ability to remotely execute any code and implement the “total control” over the transaction. The company claims that this attack could potentially “destroy” the entire network.

Bad players get the opportunity to attack the network, creating smart contracts containing malicious code and publishing them in the EOS network, and supernode will just collect them from new units.

This code may affect all nodes of the network, including wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges and, thus, provide cyber criminals access the private keys.

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The representatives of EOS has not commented on the message about the vulnerabilities, but the representatives of Qihoo 360 said that the lead developer of the project Daniel Larimer was notified of the problems and that work on them are part of work on issue 3498 on Github. At the moment the problem is listed as solved. Larimer commented on this issue on the Github page:

The launch should not be held if at least one of these vulnerabilities will remain relevant. To make a release like this – it means to compromise the entire network.

Meanwhile, Larimer asked for additional assistance in identifying critical bugs and has promised a prize of 10,000 USD to anyone who reported a new critical issue:

After occurrence of this news the price of EOS fell to 10.93 USD. However, at the moment she is almost fully recovered, the price is in the region of 12, $ 25.

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