NEO is the only cryptocurrency that is growing today. Why?

NEO is the only cryptocurrency that is growing today. Why?

Ethereum is currently the main choice for those seeking a ICO. And this fact largely contributed to the increase in the price of ETH, while other cryptocurrencies fall. But it seems that NEO and her younger brother, GAS planning a coup.

Some think GAS may work in the ecosystem ERC20 how did Ethereum. In addition, it will be the simplest way to buy any tokens that run on the platform of the NEO.

Developers conference

And NEO and GAS are now the center of attention, as these days there is a conference for developers of this platform, and January 31, scheduled network shows. Marketing is one of the strengths of this project and this has a direct impact on the price of the two cryptocurrencies of this project. Over the last two days GAS has increased from $ 50 to more than $ 70. Similarly, NEO showed a significant increase, and increased by more than 45% last week. According Livecoinwatch, currently it is trading at 164 US dollars.

Fileshare NEON

Another positive for this project is preparing to launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchanger on the NEO platform, the ICO of this project will be held in the next month or two. NEON cryptocurrency exchange (NEX) to make it fully operational in the third quarter.

NEX combines blockchain NEO with a mapping mechanism external to the network to provide the opportunity for much faster and more complex transactions than those now offered by the existing decentralized exchange.

Road map project looks impressive; when in the third quarter will launch trading interface and engine, it will support transactions in NEO, GAS and NEX, and also support the tokens ETH and ERC20 already in the 4th quarter.

It is planned that Neon Exchange will become more than just exchange. It is planned to create an API that would facilitate the purchase of tokens NEP5 that run on top of the platform NEO. They will work similar to tokens ERC20, but at the same time it will be a completely new ecosystem on the basis of the NEO and GAS.

Thanks to the support of the two blockchains Neon Exchange can become a truly breakthrough project.

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