Nasdaq will launch futures on the bitcoin in June 2018

Nasdaq will launch futures on the bitcoin in June 2018

American stock exchange Nasdaq plans to launch futures on the bitcoin in June 2018.

As the Wall Street Journal, Nasdaq will follow the example of two Chicago exchanges CME Group and CBOE , which had already announced plans to launch derivatives on bitcoin.

Although U.S. regulators have not yet issued a final verdict, the probability of implementation of such futures is growing along with the number of exchanges willing to work with cryptocurrencies.

Board member and former CEO of Nymex John D’agostino spoke on the matter:

“The innovation division of each exchange now asks the question: can we do that? In fact, all costs are only for marketing. If people want to trade cryptocurrency, why not? It is a gift from heaven.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the contract for bitcoin will be added to the existing platform Nasdaq Futures (NFX). Recall that Platforma was launched in 2015 and has specialized in the trade in energy, but its purpose will reconsider for the introduction of cryptocurrency trading.

Although CME Group has a larger futures market than the Nasdaq, the latter is more popular among retail investors.Thus, the production of futures on bitcoin will be an important step in getting cryptocurrencies to traditional financial markets.

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