Nasdaq CEO: we’re ready to get started with cryptocurrencies

Nasdaq CEO: we’re ready to get started with cryptocurrencies

According to General Director of the company, after the cryptocurrency market Matures, the Nasdaq could be the platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

Executive Director Nasdaq, adena Friedman in an interview for Squabk Box channel CNBC said:

Of course, the Nasdaq will consider the possibility of working with cryptocurrencies over time. If after some time we realize that people are ready for a more regulated market such to ensure a fair environment for investors, we will consider such a possibility.

The key obstacle to the Nasdaq and other institutional investors is regulation, which, according to Friedman, must be finalized before the company starts to work with cryptocurrencies. At the same time, Friedman spoke quite optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency:

I believe that digital currency will continue to evolve, it’s only a matter of time before this market Matures. As soon as the market becomes more regulated, we will certainly consider working on it.

Meanwhile, Nasdaq supports existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

On Wednesday, the company announced a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange, Gemini, which was founded early investors in bitcoin Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. The deal will give Gemini the access to technology of monitoring the Nasdaq, namely the technology SMARTS Market Surveillance to monitor trading operations.

While Friedman is optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency, she was skeptical about the ICO projects:

The ICO needs to be regulated. SEC law, considering such tokens are securities and they should be regulated as such.

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