Nasdaq “behind closed doors” discusses six other companies in the future of cryptocurrency

Nasdaq “behind closed doors” discusses six other companies in the future of cryptocurrency

According to rumors this weekend Nasdaq held a private meeting with six different companies to, among other things, to discuss integration of crypto-currencies on the world markets.

The fact that the people behind the second largest stock exchange in the world (by market capitalization), interesting cryptocurrency — is not surprising. Earlier this year, members of the exchange admitted the possibility of opening yourself trading crypto assets in the future.

During an interview with CNBC, President and chief Executive officer adena Friedman, Nasdaq said that Nasdaq will consider the opportunity to participate in the cryptocurrency sector:

“Of course, the Nasdaq will eventually consider the possibility of trading cryptocurrency assets. I believe that cryptocurrencies will continue to strengthen its position, the only question is, how long will it take for the maturation of this field”.

Rumor has it that at the closed meeting was attended by representatives of companies that are closely associated with cryptocurrencies, including Gemini Exchange the Winklevoss brothers.

An anonymous source suggested that the topics discussed included regulation of the cryptocurrency States, as well as leverage on the industry’s development. The likelihood that the parties will soon meet again very high.

Other major financial players, banking institutions with wall street still decide how to position itself in the market. Some of them, like Goldman Sachs, has taken a more active stance in this regard.

President Friedman Nasdaq proposes to wait until the cryptocurrency will not ripen, but other major exchanges around the world is clearly thinking about how to make a step towards new technologies at an early stage.

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