NASA plans to clear Earth’s orbit from the satellites by using the Ethereum blockchain

NASA plans to clear Earth’s orbit from the satellites by using the Ethereum blockchain

We often imagine the view of Earth from space? It shows us how the cinema?

On a black background among the billion stars of the beautiful blue planet. How it looks really? Something like this:

Thousands of satellites and space debris is literally enveloped in his web of our Home.

The fact that the farther away from Earth are satellites, the harder and takes longer to exchange information. Communication plays a key role. Companions should react to threats such as space debris, and efficiently collect and transfer data.

To give satellites the ability to use artificial intelligence and continuous logic based on the blockchain with quick response would be output. It is, in fact, would allow the companion, in some cases, to “think” independently.

NASA has allocated to the University of Akron $330 000 for research in the field of data analysis and other areas related to space exploration. Grand will help the team led by associate Professor of electrical and computer engineering Gene way to develop and implement a reliable network based in part on the Ethereum blockchain.

The proposed system will be based on techniques such as the Ethereum blockchain and the scheme of artificial intelligence that involves “deep learning methods and methods of fuzzy logic”.

In a report published Collier on expenditures of the U.S. government, which is translated into many languages, there is a summary of the project written by the way, which describes methods to create a “cognitive and flexible architecture of network management data”.

Team Wei will also conduct research on decentralized computing mechanisms that can play an important role in processing “the huge number of high-resolution data” collected by the spacecraft of NASA.

He Jin Wei holds this research hopes. After all, if successful, mankind will not only survive the “Park companions” on more distant orbits, but also be able to predict environmental disasters related to space debris.

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