Named the 5 States in the US to profitable bitcoin mining

Named the 5 States in the US to profitable bitcoin mining

The boom in the cryptocurrency market have provoked unprecedented activity in the sector of mining. Now the main costs of the miners remains power consumption, so in an attempt to reduce this expenditure they are looking for cost-effective space to create cryptocurrency farms. Miners in the U.S. this helped the research company-electricity supplier Crescent Electric (CESCO), which studied the financial side of cryptocurrency mining. It turned out that the cheapest in the USA for mining bitcoin turned out to be Louisiana.

Based on survey data, CESCO, the most cost-effective state for mining was in Louisiana. The cost of electricity in this region is 9.87 cents per watt. When the price of electricity, the cost of producing one bitcoin is about $3 224. At the time of publishing the article according to Coinmarketcap, the cryptocurrency is the number one traded at $13 715. From these figures it is seen that mining bitcoin continues to remain a profitable business even in countries with expensive electricity.

The study CESCO estimated the cost of production on the basis of averaged data of power consumption the three most popular miners AntMiner S9, S7 AntMiner and Avalon 6 in every state.

The five leaders in addition to Louisiana includes the following favourable for mining States: Idaho ($3 289), Washington ($3 909), Tennessee ($3 443) and Arkansas ($3 505).

It should also pay attention to the list of most expensive States for mining bitcoin. Particularly disadvantageous was Hawaii, where the extraction of one bitcoin will cost the miners $9 483. The States of Alaska ($7 059), Connecticut ($6 951), Massachusetts ($6 674) and new Hampshire ($6 425) also showed ridiculous performance.

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