Mysterious meeting Twitter and Tron. What is known at the moment?

Mysterious meeting Twitter and Tron. What is known at the moment?

Representatives from Twitter visited the headquarters of Tron, where he met with the founder of this project, Justin San.

While none of the companies did not disclose details of the meeting, but something already known.

According to Sana, one of the topics that were discussed at the meeting was the theme of the Scam bots that flooded this social network. Is only one of the opinion leaders to make a tweet, then in the comments you receive is a bot which, on behalf of this person, offers to reward sending to a specific cryptocurrency address a small amount of ETH or other cryptocurrency.

Even Elon Musk, who writes very little about cryptocurrency admired the work of these bots.

Since the launch of the own network last month Tron made a number of high-profile announcements. However, it remains unknown whether the recent meeting with representatives of Twitter to any of them.

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Recall that recently Tron entered into an agreement with PornHub, which according to the users of this project and other projects of the company will be able to pay with the cryptocurrency. Also the founder of the project, Justin has acquired San torrent BitTorrent platform more than 100 million U.S. dollars.

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