Mysterious designs from NEO and Tron

Mysterious designs from NEO and Tron

NEO and Tron are constantly competing for 10th place in the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Both platforms, in fact, are a fast alternative to Ethereum and want to attract developers interested in creating the next wave of decentralized applications. NEO already has about 60 DApps in development, including AdEx, THEKEY and Red Pulse. Tron is just beginning work in this direction, but at least for 9 DApps are in the works. Plus, the project launched a special programme to attract developers.

Representatives of each platform also love making mysterious announcements, announcing something important and serious while not disclosing details.

During the live broadcast on the launch of the core network Tron, and founder of San Juste, spoke about the upcoming launch of the virtual machine Tron, scheduled for July 31 and said that right before Tron “will also launch one of their secret projects.”

Team NEO, in turn, made no less intriguing statement.

In the official account of the NEO in Twitter there was a record of what the team is working on “NEO, 3.0”:

What exactly will be included in the NEO 3.0 is quite clear, but we can conclude that if there is such a tweet, it is obviously coming soon and the technical documentation for the project.

Update the technical documentation mentioned before, but in the GitHub project.

Mysterious announcements of Tron and NEO has naturally sparked debate on Reddit, where users Express their theories on what it could be.

Community Tron asks the question of whether or not there is a link to the announcement with the recent acquisition Justin San BitTorrent and investors NEO suspect that we are talking about a new infrastructure of neo-sharp.

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