MyEtherWallet: rumors about the break – in is a blatant lie!

MyEtherWallet: rumors about the break – in is a blatant lie!

Representatives cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) deny all allegations that their product is hacked.

This morning in social networks, namely Twitter appeared information that the creators of the purse lost control over DNS and thus the attackers were able to establish the time interception of user accounts. Later, this information is swept across the Russian-speaking cryptocurrency telegram channels.

The rumors that MEW was hacked, apparently, was due to razrabotchikom Aldona Ethereum Blue (BLUE). Today on his Twitter page they published a series of warnings about what DNS MEW compromised and was advised not to use this cryptocurrency wallet.

Team MEW in circulation for English-speaking cryptocurrency Cointelegraph website stated that:

MEW is not compromised. BLUE or maliciously spreading panic to increase the price of their cryptocurrency or just so incompetent that I can do such stupid statements. In any case, it is a blatant lie!

Several of today BLUE tweets have already been deleted, but a screenshot of the original tweets were published in a post on reddit.

Official tweets from the MEW that appeared a few hours after began to spread rumors pointed to the fact of lies or deception, but was limited to the statement that MEW back to business as usual and no hacking was not.

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