Moscow mining-the hotel was given the farm of the client, cost 1.4 million rubles

Moscow mining-the hotel was given the farm of the client, cost 1.4 million rubles

On August 15 the Department of internal Affairs “Yakimanka” asked a resident of Moscow, a statement about misappropriation of his property by employees of the management company. According to available information, staff mining-the hotel has expropriated the tenant capacity owned computer equipment for mining cryptocurrency.

According to the victim, he found that on the street Serafimovicha, d. 2, employees of the management company misappropriated its mining equipment, which was in rented premises.

The victim was estimated to have suffered any damage in 1.4 million rubles. The police has started investigation of the incident.

Two months ago there were at least a loud crime. 25-the summer inhabitant of Moscow has filed a complaint with the police alleging that the fraudsters under the pretext of facilitating the sale of bitcoins, deceived him and fled with the cryptocurrency amounting to 45.3 million rubles.

As a result, police detained 27-the summer inhabitant of the Moscow region town of Korolev, an employee of the LLC “Center Med Group”. It is known that criminal case under article “Fraud committed in especially large size”.

Earlier, in Moscow, was detained a gang of robbers, specializing in the theft of mining equipment. It is known that the criminals saw the announcement of 21-year-old Alexander of selling the farm for mining up to 2 million rubles. Posing as buyers, scammers have set up a meeting for the transaction. At gunpoint, the bandits took from the seller the equipment and fled the scene. Robbers managed to be detained, now in operational service carry out investigative activities.

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